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Aeolian Orchestra

Recently did some filming and editing for a friend of mines’ orchestra, thought I’d put the results up on here.


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Reading – London – Brighton August ’11

Just found some of my photos from the mini tour me and three mates did last summer. We followed the Thames from Reading to London, stayed in a hostel overnight, then did the classic London to Brighton the next day, including the epic Ditchling Beacon!


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“Ride Everything”

“Ride Everything” – This is a phrase which I’ve been trying to take more and more literally of late, and having a versitile stable of bikes does help, on the Dawes Galaxy I can do fully loaded tours, the daily commute in London, road rides, and even if I’m feeling adventurous bridleways and such like. Whilst the Fixed takes care of Sunday jaunts across the city and fair weather commutes, the NS Core takes care of thrashing about in the woods.

Anyways, enough rambling on my part, here’s the video that inspired this post, courtesy of the Morvello boys.

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Kevin Landry

Some pretty loose riding in the woods…

via: NSMB


edit: I realise there’s been a lot of re-posts/videos on here recently, but thought I’d just get some stuff up on the blog. There is however a plan afoot to do some filming on wednesday  up the woods.

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From the Inside Out

Downloaded the full film from iTunes this Christmas as a cheeky present to myself, it is utterly amazing. The cinematography is beautiful, on a par with Life Cycles, and the riding is great, with just the right amount of off the bike and arty shots blended in. Topped off with a banging soundtrack, this is a great film that will definitely have you reaching for your helmet and gloves.

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Stanton Bikes – Slackline

Mitch Ingley with some proper do it all hardcore hardtail action on the Stanton Bikes Slackline.

And some rowdy group riding at their owners club weekender.



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DMR Bolt

The promo for the DMR Bolt frame, some great stylish flowy riding in here. Vid by Tom Grundy.

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I’ve been watching…

DMR Bikes ripping in Morzine

Massan x Macaframa Raw


Oakley / Josh Harrington


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Colnago Mexico

Colnago Mexico built up with Campag Nuovo Record, so perfect.

Via: Prolls

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TT: Closer to the Edge


Amazing film, just downloaded it on iTunes. Utterly compelling and exciting.

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