Made in England book review.

Thought I’d type a few words about “Made in England: The Artisans behind the Hand-built Bicycle” by Matthew Sowter (of Saffron Frameworks) and Ricky Feather (of Feather Cycles).

I’d taken keen interest in the first info that came out about this project ages ago, having a great interest in frame building and the British hand-built bicycle, and as soon as the pre-order came up my Dad and I placed an order straight away, especially as one of the featured builders is Chas Roberts (of whose bicycles we own several).

The book is a beautiful piece of work, with each builder having several pages of stunning ‘at work’ photos as well as a double page spread of one special frame or bicycle, as well as a fascinating section about Reynolds Tubing. Credit must be given here to Kayti Peschke for the brilliant photos which really capture the character of each builder and their creations. The writing is really excellent with both the questions asked and the responses given being interesting insights into the world of the framebuilders. It is obvious that everyone involved, from Matthew and Ricky to all the builders has a huge amount of passion and knowledge for bicycles, and this comes out in the book.

The book also serves as a wonderful memorial to Ron Cooper, in the form of the chapter dedicated to him, who sadly passed away on the 12th of December. His chapter really seems to capture his “old school” spirit as well as his incredible skills and passion.

I would really encourage any cyclist, engineer, or metal worker to get hold of a copy, or even just anyone with an interest in bicycles. If you are in the market for a custom built frame then this book would serve as the ultimate shop window!

Made in England: The Artisans behind the Hand-built Bicycle is available from the Push Projects website, or the Feather Cycles webshop.

(apologies for the iphone pics)


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