Tourer inspiration.

I’m still counting the pennies, saving up to get my repaired Dawes Galaxy repainted. So in the meantime I’ve been scouring the interwebs (mainly on LFGSS – a great resource and forum for all kinds of cycling and bicycles, way beyond the original remit of London Fixed Gear and Single Speed) for inspiration for the rebuild. I’m thinking of going for a more classic build this time, i.e more chrome and brown, which should go nicely against the green or blue paint I’ve got planned.

First is this fantastic F.W Evans tourer which was rebuilt to catalogue condition by  ‘Hilly Ben’ off the LFGSS forum. I think this bike is just a fine example of the British touring bicycle, lugged 531 frame, racing green paint, cantilever brakes, all the braze-ons and plenty of brown  leather. The thread following the build is here.

Next up is this fantastic Faggin Tourer/Randonneur restored by ‘psee’ again from LFGSS. I really like the combination of the tan sidewall tyres with the bright chrome mudguards. Build thread.

More of an Audax/Randonneur bicycle but still awesome. Once again seen on LFGSS is ‘Spotter’s Raleigh Royal, this has been upgraded with a modern groupset, but still looks great especially with that big porteur rack on the front. There is a build thread which is a little out of date now.

And finally another LFGSS bike, and this one is firmly in the audax bracket, but nevermind, this Longstaff Audax is just a lovely bicycle. “Vesalius’s build thread is here.


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