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Dawes Galaxy update

Long time no post I know, so here we go.

Been riding the Galaxy on a daily basis, tweaking various things along the way. A new front rack arrived this week.

Need to sort out a bag for it now. Had planned on getting an Alpkit Airlock Xtra, but they’ve sold out.
Next idea is to use a Carradice SuperC Racktop bag, mounted sideways, as it has a rigid base and plenty of strapping and “should” fit between my bars nicely.

I’m hoping to get a new one man lightweight tent, and sleeping bag and head out on some micro adventures, putting the tent and sleeping bag on the front and the carradice on the rear. The idea is to ride out of london, camp overnight and ride back the next day.

I foudn this shot on Spencer Brown’s flickr, kind of sums the above plans up:



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